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Wild west terminology

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wild west terminology

Cowboy Bob's Dictionary - terminology, slang, jargon and useful words of the cowboy lifestyle. Wild west and cowboys vocabulary, Wild west and cowboys word list - a free resource used in over schools to enhance vocabulary mastery. Bangtail – wild horse; mustang. Barefoot – unshod horse. Barn sour – horse that loves his stall; speeds up the pace as he nears the barn on the journey home. wild west terminology


LOST TREASURES of the OLD WEST TV series half hour episode one full length Wednesday, Download gw2 25, Cowboy Speak: The Forty-Niners were obse Woolies — chaps covered with long goat hair. Cut for sign — to make a wide loop on foot examining the ground as a way to pick up the trail of lost horses or livestock. Hoss — a horse.

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